AQUILA All Purpose Leather Cleaner, 500ml (17.5-oz)
Aquila is specially-formulated for use on all your favorite leather goods, even soft leathers like suede, lambskin and Nubuck. Recommended for regular use and especially for light-colored and delicate leathers, Aquila helps prevent permanent staining from an accumulation of body oils, dirt and grime. Available in a convenient and economical 500ml (17.5-oz) Spray Bottle, Aquila can be used safely before applying Urad or Tenderly and:
• Leaves no greasy, slippery or mineral residues
• Is gentle enough for exotic leathers
• Contains no silicon or glycerin (dust magnets!)
• Is versatile and can be used on fabric goods like running shoes, travel bags, etc., too!
Simply spray and wipe. That’s it! If customers are asking you for a spray cleaner option to use in conjunction with Urad and Tenderly, Aquila is the answer!
SAHARA Waterproofing & Anti-Stain Spray
Professional-quality waterproofing spray, that:
• is specially-designed for use on leather, suede and fabric
• protects for 3- to 6-months
• Will not alter colours
Simply shake well and spray on a clean surface. Hold can vertically and spray from a distance of about 10cm (4 inches). Wipe off any excess Sahara and allow 6- to 8-hours to dry. Caution: Aerosol product – use outdoors only!
TENDERLY Leather Softener
Tenderly is perfect for use on ALL kinds of leather and ALL colours of leather:
• Softens and Protects – giving leather a “soft feel”
• Perfect for leather clothing, footwear and accessories
• Gentle enough for use on exotic leathers, kid and lambskin
• Can also soften cowhide and other robust leathers
Simply apply using the applicator sponge provided. Gently rub in and allow to dry for a few minutes.
4-in-1 Suede & Leather Tool
This multi-purpose, leather cleaning tool can be used on boots, shoes, jackets, furniture, dance shoes, sneakers, saddles and more. It can also be used in conjunction with sprays (like Aquila All-Purpose Cleaner), foams, etc.
– Welt Surface — for cleaning heavier scuff marks and stains
– Nylon Bristles for gentler cleaning on light scuff marks or delicate suedes or Nubuck
– Arched Half Circle brush allows easier cleaning on rounded corners, especially fabric goods
   like running shoes, travel bags, etc.
– Thin Protruding Brush — designed for cleaning on hard to reach crevices and grooves

For info call 1 (800) 361 8723

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