17 Sep

  Nasty weather, salt, slush and ice can seriously damage to leather   boots, shoes, jackets and sports equipment but Urad  is specially-formulated   to undo winter’s worst … and in seconds.   URAD cleans,   nourishes, polishes and protects your leather goods quickly and easily. It’s   easy to use and you can never […]

16 Mar

More than 40-years of Leather Care! Developed in Italy, in 1966, Urad was originally produced for the leather furniture industry. Urad contains natural Carnouba Wax which, when combined with Lanolin Oil, creates a sensational shine – every time … and in seconds! Urad can be used on vinyl and rubber products and it’s perfect for […]

07 Mar

If you own fine leathers like Nubuck and suade, Tenderly gently cleans and softens in one step. It doesn’t take much Tenderly to vastly improve the condition of your expensive leathers. Tenderly is also recommended for use as a follow up treatment after Urad is applied to upholstery and apparel. It works … beautifully!