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April 2, 2012

In 1966, URAD was developed by the Daru family (Urad is Daru spelled backwards), for the Italian furniture industry and since then has won numerous product awards in Europe. But as most great products, over time, URAD’s popularity has grown worldwide and is now available in many different sizes and formulations. Golf Course, Pro Shops, Furniture Makers, Sporting Goods Re-furbishers, Tack Shops and Footwear/Leather Apparel Manufacturers and Retailers have discovered the time-saving and restoring value of the URAD family of fine products.


URAD for Commercial Use

 A variety of businesses find many uses for URAD and Tenderly Leather Care products:

 Shoemakers, Shoe Repair and Leather Shops

URAD cleans, nourishes, polishes and protects shoes and leather goods quickly and easily – saving on labour costs.  It’s easy to use and you can never use too little!  Urad contains natural Carnauba Wax which, when combined with Lanolin Oil, creates a sensational shine – every time … and in seconds! URAD cleans deep into the leather, restoring that “like new” look and feel. For fine, porous leathers like lamb skin, NuBuck and suede, professionals trust Tenderly leather treatment. Tenderly cleans and softens and helps protect delicate leather clothing, accessories, gloves, boots, furniture, and more.

Golf Course Pro Shops

URAD Neutral eliminates the need for polishing wheels, buffing cloths, brushes and multiple shoe polish colours. This one-step product removes grass stains and restores that like new shine. Simply remove mud and dirt with a cloth or towel, then use URAD sparingly. URAD Neutral works wonders on multi-coloured saddle shoes, wingtips, leather athletic shoes and more. If serious scuffing or fading is present, add pigmentation back to the leather with URAD Colours – available in Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown and White – the most popular, golf shoe colours.

Pro Shops can offer the new 50ML retail-friendly size of URAD for sale to their members. This unique applicator jar is easy to use, allowing customers to get the same great shine at home.

URAD is useful in restoring golf bags, shoe bags, etc. and don’t forget about Tenderly for exotic leathers. When purchasing in wholesale quantities, Select Marketing Canada will provide mixed quantities (Neutral, Colours and Tenderly) to suit your business requirements.

Automotive Retailers, Detailers and Tire Shops

URAD is perfect for use on automotive upholstery, dashboards and the sidewalls of expensive tires. In the case of upholstery try Tenderly first, then, if needed, use URAD to Polish and Protect. Allow 30-minutes for drying between applications. USE URAD AND TENDERLY SPARINGLY.  For best results, apply Tenderly or URAD to a small, inconspicuous area on the upholstery. If you are satisfied with the result, proceed with completing the application using quick, even strokes. Do not go around in circles. This can cause a streaking effect. 

 Sporting Goods Re-furbishers, Tack and Motorcycle Shops

Hockey Skates, Baseball Gloves and Shoes, Sports Bags, Saddles and Riding Tack – URAD is great for restoring a wide range of products without adding unnecessary weight. And URAD isn’t just for leather … it can also be used on vinyl and rubber products like vinyl seats, boat covers and rubber boots.

 Furniture Manufacturers and Retailers

URAD and Tenderly are popular with furniture manufacturers for protecting and restoring leather furniture. As mentioned, URAD was originally developed for the Italian furniture industry.

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