URAD_logo In 1966, Urad was developed by the Daru family (Urad is Daru spelled backwards) for the Italian leather goods industry. Due to its remarkable ability to clean, moisturize, polish and protect in one-easy-step, Urad’s popularity has grown worldwide and is now considered one of the Best Leather Care Products on the market! Non-toxic Urad also cleans and re-stores vinyl, rubber and plastic goods to “like new” condition.

 We’ve discovered so many uses for Urad! 

 Home & Cottage

Leather Furniture, Dining Chairs with Leather/Vinyl Seats, Vinyl Patio Furniture and Awnings, Hot Tub Covers, Shoes/Boots/Apparel, Purses/Briefcases/Belts & Accessories, Boat Seats & Covers, ATV Seats, and more.  

Special note for Cottagers:Urad can be applied to wood, to protect and bring out the grain.  Use Urad Colours (see bottom paragraph) to add a light stain while protecting the wood.

 Automotive, Motorcycles & RVs

Leather Upholstery, Vinyl Dashboards, “Big Rig” Interiors, Vinyl Tops on Convertibles, White Sidewalls  on Rubber Tires (Black Tires too), Leather Seats on Farm Tractors, Bike Seats, Motorcycle Seats, Saddle Bags, Jackets/Vests, Chaps, Boots, Tires, RVs with Leather Furniture and Vinyl Awnings, and more.


Leather & Vinyl Boat Seats, Vinyl Boat Covers, Deck Shoes, Fishing Chairs, Sidewalls on Boat Trailer Tires, Untreated Wood (damaged by winter weather), Plastic or Vinyl Tackle Boxes, Rubber Boots & Rainwear, and more.  

Sports Equipment

Golf Bags & Shoes, Baseball & Soccer Cleats, Baseball Gloves, Hockey Skates & Leather/Vinyl Equipment Bags, Figure Skates, Vinyl Running Shoes, Gun Cases, Bicycle Saddles, Seats on Exercise Bikes & Rowing Machines, and more.

 Pet Damage

Repair Scratches/Wear Marks, Removes Animal Dander & Pet Stains, Helps Protect and Prevent extreme damage to future.


Bridals, Halters, Saddles, Riding Boots, Horse’s Hooves, Harnesses & Collars for Team Horses, Leather Hats, and more.


Military Footwear, Uniformed Footwear for Delivery Staff, Specialty Shoes, i.e., Gortex, Red Wing, Doc Martins, SAS, and more.


We’ve got Colours!

 Our competitors offer products that work on all colours (Urad “Neutral” does that too – even better than most) but scratched and scuffed leathers need more.  Damaged and faded leather needs a little pigment or colour added to restore it to “like new” condition. That’s why Urad comes in popular shades like Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown and White. Additionally, the handy 50ml size comes in Blue, Red and Cordovan.  For soft, porous leathers like Nubuck and Lambskin, try tenderly. It softens and protects delicate leathers.

 When it comes to colours, only Urad’s got you covered.  


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