Nasty weather, salt, slush and ice can seriously damage to leather   boots, shoes, jackets and sports equipment but Urad  is specially-formulated   to undo winter’s worst … and in seconds.   URAD cleans,   nourishes, polishes and protects your leather goods quickly and easily. It’s   easy to use and you can never use too little!  Urad contains natural Carnauba Wax which,   when combined with Lanolin Oil, creates a sensational shine – every   time … and in seconds! Urad  cleans   deep into the leather, restoring that “like new” look and feel. For fine,   porous leathers like lamb skin, NuBuck and suede, professionals trust Tenderly leather   treatment. Tenderly cleans and softens and helps protect delicate leather   clothing, accessories, gloves, boots, furniture, and more.   There is usually no need for pre-cleaning. However, if your leather boots, etc. are wet, simply wipe dry with a clean cloth before applying Urad.

In Canada — Buy Urad with Confidence! Why take chances purchasing from just anybody on The Net?  They could be anywhere in the world and selling without the proper authority and product knowledge. You may end up with a knock-off or worse. There is only one Urad! Contact 1 800 361 8723 (  and, during regular business hours, a ‘live’ customer service representative will put you in contact with the legally licensed Urad Distributor in your area. Businesses can trust Select Marketing Canada Ltd. We are a fully-accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

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